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About DOK#1

The story behind DOK#1


The original idea behind DOK#1 came from Linda Leifs and Lone Hagedorn in 2007, who felt that a platform for exhibiting handicrafts and design of high quality was missing in North Jutland

The platform was designed to be both a dramatic event for the citizens of North Jutland and a sales forum and network for the many craftsmen, craftswomen and designers who live and work in North Jutland. The DOK#1 association was founded in spring 2007, after which events moved on swiftly prior to the establishment of the first DOK#1 market, which was held in the late summer of the same year. Since that time, DOK#1 market has been held every year in September at the square at Toldbod Plads in Aalborg, and since 2009 as part of the fashion and culture week, Aalborg in Red. In addition, DOK#1 has been represented at Aalborg City’s Christmas market on the square at Gl. Torv in Aalborg since 2007 and at other exhibitions (Easter market at Utzon Center, Wool festival in Saltum, etc.).


The location of DOK#1 hasn’t been chosen by chance: Toldbod Plads has been chosen because it represents innovation and development. The square ties life in the city and at the harbour together, and in time will be situated right at the heart of activities on the waterfront, music, architecture and gastronomy in the city. The name DOK#1 refers both to the market’s maritime location on Aalborg’s waterfront at Toldbod Plads, and to our ambition to be number 1 in the field – in addition to which “DOK” is an abbreviation of the Danish expression for design and crafts, Design og Kunsthåndværk.


Participation at DOK#1 is subject to selection by a jury in order to ensure a high level of quality. Among the exhibitors are the best craftsmen and craftswomen from North Jutland, the hottest names from the rest of the country and invited guests from abroad. Our ambition is to promote the region’s craftsmen and craftswomen and at the same time pave the way for new design impulses from outside. DOK#1 also sees it as its mission to promote the region’s creative growth layer within the area of crafts and design.


DOK#1 has grown year-on-year in terms of ambition and scope – and continues to do so!


DOK#1’s first three years were characterised by:

DOK#1 2008:

Debut of the market featuring a string of Danish exhibitors and eye-catching and attractive marketing

DOK#1 2009:

Topical and original market based on the climate theme of “Cool trash”

DOK#1 2010:

International market featuring leading designers, music and sculptures in the fountain


Lone Hagedorn:
“In our opinion, Aalborg and North Jutland needed a crafts market with a focus on quality and originality. Aarhus and Copenhagen have similar markets, so it’s only natural that Aalborg should have such a market. As a craftswoman, I look forward to meeting colleagues and together showing the region’s tourists what we’re capable of here in North Jutland.”



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